Below you can find john a. powell’s scholarship publications.


Three ways to rethink the concept of citizenship

As tech experts, entrepreneurs, activists and academics from around the world gather for the annual 6 Degrees forum, we asked three of this year's participants to give their vision for a future citizenry.


Policy Matters: poverty and race through a belongingness lens

This paper is about how to address poverty in the United States. It is not so much prescriptive as it is focused on how transforming the narrative and structures related to poverty can help break our complicity with it. We often misunderstand what poverty is in our society and why it seems so intractable. While there have been many insightful policy proposals and even some limited success, such as reducing poverty for the elderly, overall poverty in our society has been difficult to tackle.


Santa clara law review: the needs of members in a legitimate democratic state

This symposium focuses on the needs of workers and whether the state is meeting those needs in the areas of bankruptcy, unemployment, and welfare. All of these areas are important in their own right, yet together they suggest a more comprehensive look at the welfare state and the role it does and should play in addressing the needs of its members.


berkeley law scholarship repository:
worlds apart: reconciling freedom of speech and equality

A discourse concerning the relationship between free speech and equality has emerged and expanded in recent years, largely in response to cross burnings in residential areas, the rising incidence of verbal and physical racial attacks on college campuses, and the corresponding promulgation of hate speech regulations.